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Welcome to SR BIO FOOD - Sri Lanka

SR Bio Food initiated in 2003 as a tropical fruit and vegetable cultivation and supply business in Sri Lanka. Today, our company has been expanded and over 1000 out-growers attached to the company during the last 5 years and produced 2.5 million kg of fresh fruits and vegetables per year. Today, we produce 1.8 million kg of the best fresh pineapple to serve our customers. Consequently, SR Bio Food has become the Sri Lanka’s largest and best quality pineapple producer during the last few years.

SR Bio Food markets a growing line of processed tropical fruits and vegetables since 2007 and maintains a considerable market share.

Apart from fruit and vegetable business, we produce a good quality planting materials in our nurseries to fulfill grower’s requirements. Further, our out-grower network is benefited by the free agricultural advisory service provided by the company, aiming towards the optimum productivity of farming systems in an environmental friendly manner.
Our Main Products
Fresh Fruit
Fresh Vegetable
Fresh Coconut
Dehydrated Products
Frozen Products
Canned & Bottled Products

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Welcome to SR Bio Food






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